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Rock it fish scaler the oldest and fasted way to scale up to 50 pan fish at one time! no scales in about 10min., plus it took the slime off the catfish at the same time.


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You will find that there are a lot of people who are big on Pan-Fish fishing because it is definitely easy  to do. All you really need is a local  Pond, Lake, or River to get started. The fish don't require expensive gear and they can be very easy to catch.
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Afternoon catch; no scales in about 10min., plus it took the slime off the catfish
at the same time.



Scaling & Fileting Crappie,Perch,Bluegill, Brim or other Pan fish, even Bass?? The Rock-It Automatic Fish Scaler will make the job of scaling fast and easy. Filet with skin on one side and cook Skin down for great taste.

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Rock-It fish scaler is made in the USA