fish scaler

The Rock-it Automatic Fish Scaler has been the fastest way to scale up to 50 pan fish at one time for over 50 years! Thousands of expert and novice fishermen alike have tested the Rock-it and they found it is simple, effective, built to last a lifetime and above all, SAVES TIME! 

 The Rock-it Fish Scaler eliminates slimy fish scales all over everything in your camp, boat, cabin, or kitchen to clean up. Scaling Crappie, bass, perch, bluegill, brim or other Panfish has never been easier! Just put your catch in the Rock-it Scaler which doubles as a live-well. When your done fishing  just tow behind your boat. This amazing invention scales every fish for you. You arrive at the dock with your fish fully scaled and cleaned! The Rock-it Scaler will not damage the skin or meat. If you filet your fish, no problem, filleting fish is easier when they are clean and scaled.

fish scaler

Safety Kit

 The Rock-it fish scaler has seen a couple of up-grades over the years. One being the introduction of an optional “Safety Kit” This safety kit will keep the Rock-it Scaler from sinking just in case Murphy shows up. The cost of the Safety Kit is minimal compared to the scaler and a days catch!

Fish ScalerSo what are you waiting on! Go to the “shop” tab and purchase your Rock-it fish scaler!! Also check us out on eBay or Etsy! 


Rock-It Automatic Fish Scaler is guaranteed against defects in workmanship and/or materials, and will be repaired and/or replaced, at our option, within 30 days from the date of purchase. Rock-It cannot assume liability for products lost, damaged by negligence, misuse, abuse, or modification. Transportation charges (if any) to be paid by owner.